About Us

Welcome to Longevity Acupuncture! We are a Miami Acupuncture Clinic located in the center of South Miami medical community. As an established alternative medicine provider, we have served thousands of patients in the past decade. We are committed to provide quality care and patient education in natural healing and disease prevention.

Our clinic offers acupuncture services and Oriental Medicine for a wide variety of disorders, including specialized treatment for gynecological conditions and infertility. We have helped hundreds of infertile couples to conceive with or without the Assisted Reproductive Technology. Our individualized treatment according to the principle of Oriental Medicine not only addresses the branch symptoms, but also intends to correct the root cause. Often times patients experience simultaneous improvement in more than one area of health throughout the treatment. Positive changes not only occur physically, but also emotionally. This is because the heart of the Oriental Medicine lies in treating the human body, not the disease.

At Longevity Acupuncture, we integrate Eastern and Western medical approach to provide our patients a holistic treatment plan incorporating nutritional, life style and medication consultation. Our treatment goal is to maximize the therapeutic result while minimizing the side effects of the medication. We want you to thrive, not just live.

It is our vision that a healthy planet begins with healthy individuals and healthy babies start with healthy parents. Oriental medicine sees each person as a microcosm of the universe. Restoring balance within our bodies and live our life harmoniously with mother nature is the key to achieve radiant health and longevity.