Acupuncture and IVF

The clinical efficacy of acupuncture has been increasingly studied and recognized through many modern researches in the recent years. Many Reproductive Endocrinologists are encouraging their patients to receive acupuncture prior to and post embryo transfer in order to improve the success rate of IVF and other ART procedures. Acupuncture also is valuable to treat the side effects of the artificial hormones during the stimulation cycle. It has also been shown to increase uterine blood flow.

The efficacy of acupuncture in the improvement of IVF is not a definite success, but it could potentially have benefits without any additional complications. It has been shown to improve IVF procedures and viability in some situations and not in others. Acupuncture is unique in that it helps to promote both relaxation and positive thinking in addition to relieving stress. This improvement in the overall wellness of the patient increases the chances of a viable pregnancy.