Can I take Chinese herbs with my regular medication?

First and foremost, all of your healthcare providers, including your Chinese herbal professional or acupuncturist, should be made aware of any vitamins, herbs, medications, or recreational drugs that you may be taking. Combining these drugs at the wrong times or in the wrong amounts can lead to an adverse reaction. Ensure that both your general practitioner and your Chinese herbal specialist are aware of everything that you are taking.

With that being said, in most cases Chinese herbs can be taken in conjunction with regular medications. There are, of course, some negative interactions that could come up. For this reason, it is very important to keep good medical records and inform your doctors about anything that comes up. Additionally, it is still important to *actually consult* with professionals about the Chinese herbs you plan to take. Seeking out a licensed and certified herbalist is an important step in the process. Self-medicating can lead to disastrous results.