Improving IVF Results Naturally

Chinese Medicine and acupuncture can help to prepare the body in the areas where Western Medicine offers few treatment options. Improving the health of the couple’s gametes prior to IVF can contribute to successful pregnancy and decrease risk for early miscarriage. Ideally, acupuncture treatment should be received three months prior to the beginning of the IVF cycle. For the female patient, treatment is aimed at improving the function of the ovaries, and regulating the hormones. Herbal treatment focuses on improving the egg quality and thickening the uterine lining. Menstrual irregularities, endometriosis, fibroids, and other pre-existing factors can be treated during this time. For male infertility, treatment is aimed at improving sperm count and motility. As with the woman’s eggs, healthier sperm contribute to healthier, more viable embryos.

Acupuncture treatment can help to increase the patient’s response to the hormone stimulation.

It helps to support and complement Western treatment at different phases of IVF cycle- down-regulating, ovarian stimulation, ovulation, egg retrieval and embryo transfer, while decreasing the side-effects from the medications. Additionally, acupuncture provides deep relaxation and helps women to ease the physical, mental, and emotional stress when undergoing IVF process.