Stress Management For Women

Oriental Medicine provides a balanced approach to stress management for women.  Stress is the body’s natural alarm system.  In primitive cultures it served us well when being chased by a threatening animal since being on high alert allowed us to run from the danger.  After avoiding the danger our system would become calm until the next threat.  But our bodies were never intended to experience the relentless stress levels that we see today and the result is often chronic issues such as heart disease, skin problems, sleep difficulties, emotional instability, overeating and muscle pain.

At Longevity Acupuncture our stress management program for women is designed to restore balance, energy and vitality.  We understand the unique challenges women face being caregivers and often depleting our personal reserves to satisfy the needs of our families and careers.  Our program blends the right combination of treatments into a personalized protocol to address your specific needs.


By opening the meridians, acupuncture relaxes the muscles and brings about an overall feeling of calm and well being while addressing underlying imbalances caused by stress.

Chinese Herbs

There are numerous herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine designed to relieve stress and restore balance.  Chinese Medicine is a holistic form of practice that recognizes the need to address the whole body, mind and spirit to attain and maintain wellness.


A common form of practice in China, various forms of meditation have been shown to calm the autonomous nervous system, create a sense of relaxation and restore balance.  At Longevity Acupuncture you will learn how to practice meditation and adopt this healthy lifelong habit as part of your daily life.