Ashley T. Therapist Miami

Dr. Vivian has been an integral part of my family’s life! My husband has gone to her for years for his neck and upper back problems. After many doctors and physical therapist appointments, the only relief he has ever felt was after his acupuncture sessions with Vivian!
When we wanted to start a family, it wasn’t so easy for us. I started attending sessions myself with Dr. Vivian after my husband and best friend had recommended her. I did some research and found out not only was her practice used for ailments and injuries, but she specialized in the treatment of fertility as well. I figured it couldn’t hurt and started to see her regularly.
Dr. Vivian put me on a strict diet and protocol for assisting in the fertility process, and along with weekly sessions, I became pregnant! I am currently 32 weeks and we couldn’t be happier!
Dr. Vivian is amazing and I highly recommend her and her services!!!!