Catherine H. Los Angeles

I’ve been to a variety of acupuncturists, but I have never been in the hands of one so knowledgeable and skillful as Vivian. She is a true healer, brilliant and wise and wonderful. I travel from my home in Los Angeles to see her in Miami whenever possible. She is a kind and soothing presence, and heals heart and mind as well as body.
I cannot say enough about her; I have total trust in her skill and her advice.
I have gotten results from her I haven’t seen anywhere. She’s treated me for broken bones, a severe soft-tissue knee injury that refused to heal, and long-term chronic conditions. Furthermore, she’s been critical in helping me establish an understanding of healthy eating to support her fantastic work.
Reproductive health is her specialty and she has been fantastically helpful in dealing with PCOS, and should I need help with conception, I will be on a plane to Miami to see her. She is well worth it. I was astonished at how incredibly effective she was with other issues as well; she is tremendously knowledgeable and talented.
I realize a great many people turn to acupuncture when Western medicine has failed them, but my advice is DON’T WAIT. It’s amazing how quietly powerful and effective a healer she is.