Chad M.

I had never done acupuncture before in my life, and I was always skeptical about it. But, Dr. Vivian is truly fantastic, and her treatments really work. I originally came to her over a year ago when my wife and I were struggling to get pregnant for nearly two years. Magically, we got pregnant within a month of starting treatments with Dr. Vivian. While we know there was likely some luck involved in that, we also feel that Dr. Vivian surely helped it happen with her combination of herbs and well timed acupuncture treatments targeted at creating the best conditions for pregnancy in both of us.

After my wife got pregnant, I noted how good I was feeling after the treatments, and I have continued to see Dr. Vivian ever since. She has an excellent bedside manner, and really listens and cares about what is ailing you. As far as her placement of the needles, you just know when she is doing it that she knows what she is doing. I always leave Dr. Vivian’s office feeling different, and usually much calmer and sometimes even slightly euphoric. It’s difficult to explain, but very real. But, I think it takes someone as skilled as Dr. Vivian to really get this level of benefit. As you can see, I would highly recommend her!