Hazel L. Therapist, Miami

About 5 years ago, a friend recommended Dr. Litman to me. I wanted to treat a variety of issues, pain, sugar cravings, women’s matters, improve my mood/energy. I can honestly say that everything Dr. Litman said would happen, did, as she said it would, as well as when she said it would. I also used teas (provided to me by Dr. Litman and other supplements I bought at Whole Foods as suggested) and herbal pills. I couldn’t have been more impressed, reassured and pleased. The effects of the treatment I received almost 5 years ago have been long lasting. The most surprising one being that I no longer crave sugary foods or candy. I used to eat at least a piece of candy a day, as well as some type of junk food. I am now back in treatment with Dr. Litman for fertility assistance and things are going well. Dr. Litman is extremely caring and patient. She really gives you all of her attention always, I never feel rushed by her. There are times I walk into Dr. Litman’s office after a stressful day and I’m always calmed by her demeanor. I trust in Dr. Litman’s expertise, knowledge and guidance.