Kate L.

Dr. Vivian treated both me and my husband. Our experience with her was nothing short of magical. We came to her after a few people recommended her for assistance with fertility. She started our sessions by learning everything about our health and daily activities and treated us, individually and as a couple, in ways we did not expect. She made recommendations for food and drink, temperature and footwear, and she also treated us with herbs, acupuncture and a Moxa stick. We felt very safe in her care and were able to trust the process quickly and easily.

Between health issues with my husband and myself, we had not been able to become pregnant over 2 years of trying. After about a month of working with Dr. Vivian and implementing her recommendations, we became pregnant and are incredibly grateful to her for that. I certainly recommend her for fertility issues, but I really believe in her process and would recommend her to anyone with recurring issues with anything.