Maria Drew., Executive Vice President, Florida/Caribbean Region

When I first went to Vivian, I was not a believer of acupuncture. However, due to a small intervention at another location, I was intrigued enough to try. My primary concern was sleeplessness and weight loss. When I visited Vivian, I was extremely skeptical but was desperate enough to at least attempt to open my mind. I was not prepared for the results I received!!! I thought that maybe if, in a few sessions, I did not receive some sort of relief, I would quit.
I was pleasantly surprised to have results after the first treatment!!! I actually started feeling hungry (Vivian helped my metabolism begin to work again) the day following my treatment. And, I was able to sleep that night as well!
Thanks to Vivian, I feel energized, am sleeping and resting, and am actually losing weight as my metabolism “kicked in”.
This is great as these were my initial goals. However, as I started to share with Vivian some of my other ailments, she began to address each one quickly. One of those ailments was that I suffered from acid reflux and lived on antacids. Well, since Vivian treated me for that, I have no need for antacids!
I am a true believer and have referred my family and friends to Vivian. As I speak to others who go to acupuncture, they tell me that I am lucky to have found such a special healer. I am told that not all acupuncturists are able to bring the results I am seeing and that I am truly blessed to have found someone with such a special touch of healing. I believe them as I cannot adequately describe the specialness I feel from Vivian. I am truly blessed to have found my healer.