Meibol M., LPN , South Dade

I was introduced by a coworker to this world of Oriental Medicine, one day we were both talking at work and as I was listening to her conversation about Acupuncture it brought my interest in it. While driving home I started asking myself if Acupuncture will help me with my problem. Back in 2004 I was diagnosed with a gynecological disorder and for treatment birth controls pills were given. I could only take them for three days because of the side effects and how my body was reacting to it.
On the other hand I was feeling overwhelmed, depressed, I felt that I did not have control over my personal life. I worked in the medical field and as every person that is reading this article knows “STRESS” related to anything in general is the leading cause of health problems today. I personally was lacking of energy, mistreating my body, not focusing on my goals, and I was not doing it on purpose. I scheduled my first appointment with Miami acupuncture clinic Dr. Vivian Shou-Litman, the most gentle and peaceful person I have ever met in my life.
That day I only told her about my physical problems but not about my emotional problems and what was amazing to me was the fact that she could feel it. I’ve been doing treatments since February and I consider myself a proof of how much acupuncture can help you. Today my medical issue is resolved and as Vivian and I were talking on my last appointment I had noticed changes in my life. I feel different, and I am acting differently towards myself and all of this became possible because of the gift that she shares with us, the greatest gift that I definitely recommend to every human being that I get in contact with: Acupuncture. It will change your life.