Pete Azor, Miami, FL, Sales Manager

I became interested in options to traditional medicine when I realized I was on more meds and felt terrible instead of better. At that time, I decided to pursue other solutions to my conditions which were high anxiety, stress induced panic disorders, High Blood Pressure, Gastrointestinal disturbances….just to name a few. I selected Vivian Shou Litman due to her Chinese heritage and qualifications. I felt she would have a greater knowledge of Acupuncture and a better understanding.
After the first session I felt noticeably better with a major reduction in symptoms. I did around 6 visits (1 per week) and felt great and symptom free. Her husband is a brilliant doctor with an incredible knowledge of herbal and vitamin supplements. With his help and the acupuncture treatments, I was able to eliminate all my meds and I felt fantastic. That was two years ago.
Today, I’m now doing 1-2 sessions per month to maintain the benefits. Interesting fact, I’m now exposed to twice the Career stress and responsibilities than before and I feel great. I’m not sure how to thank them….. they are incredible practitioners and great people too. Listen to their suggestions and knowledge-apply the information into your fast paced lifestyle – then witness a significant quality of life improvement, both physically and mentally.
I highly recommend Vivian and I have to my wife, sister and whoever else needs help…. truly amazing results.