Samantha P.

Dr. Vivian is indeed a miracle worker! I have done acupuncture before, mainly for my anxiety due to the assumption that this type of approach can only help de-stress me, but oh was I so wrong.

I have a lengthy history with gastric issues and due to some harsh treatments was left with the aftermath of the wreckage such as nausea, bloating, constipation, vertigo, and the list can go on. I’ve gone to Dr. Vivian numerous times in tremendous stomach discomfort, fully distended bloating with a bad case of the spins and leave after a session feeling renewed. I’m a huge advocate for holistic medicines/treatments and have to commend Dr.Vivian for her patience every session to diagnose the problem at hand and take the time to tailor the best acupuncture treatment for me as she does for every patient.

I’ve recommended her to everybody in my family, from my cousin who now goes regularly to acupuncture for his sports injuries, my mother who goes to acupuncture for menopause relief, my aunt who has found pain relief from acupuncture post breast cancer, to my grandmother, who had partial facial paralysis due to a poor combination of her daily prescription medications. After 2-3 electro-acupuncture sessions my grandmother’s face regained elasticity and proper muscle function despite being told by her physician that she would only gain those benefits after 6 months of facial physical therapy.

The key to Dr.Vivian’s success is that she truly takes the time to listen. Each session feels like a mini health evaluation… body, mind, and soul. Her acupuncture treatments are seamless,without feeling a prick, but once she’s done its amazing the results you’ll feel especially if done properly as a process rather than a one time visit. Simply put, she’s amazing!