Vivian D., Miami, Computer Engineer

After several years of trial, thousands of dollars spent on tests, treatments and consultations in 2 well renowned fertility clinics we were told that conception was impossible for us and that we needed to find a sperm donor.
I started my first acupuncture treatment at Dr. Yi Bin Shou-Litman during my first and only IVF cycle. I had read on several articles how effective acupuncture was for IVF and other fertility treatments. Although skeptical I went to my first treatment and that same day I experienced changes.
That night I was able to sleep and the fluid retention from the hormone treatments improved significantly. Although the IVF treatment was unsuccessful I continued acupuncture and my husband also started the treatments. He has been a diabetes patient for more than 10 years and suffers from retrograde ejaculation.
Today, I am 8 weeks pregnant.
With the combination of Acupuncture treatments to both of us for 6 months 1 hour every week, very mild treatments of Western medicine, and a natural diet of organic food, vegetables and fruits we were able to accomplish pregnancy with IUI. My husband last sperm count was 70 Millions with 60% motility versus the initial numbers of 45 or no sperms and sometimes 0 to 3% motility.
During the six month of acupuncture treatment Dr. Yi Bin Shou-Litman treated me for detoxification from the hormones taken during my IVF. She also treated my husband’s diabetes which is almost under control.