A tremendous help

Dr. Vivian has been a tremendous help to me. She is very knowledgable and skilled in Chinese medicine and herbs. I appreciate that she is focused on her area of specialty and can explain the root cause of specific physical symptoms though the lens of Chinese medicine. She has followed up after appointments to make sure the treatment is addressing the original issue appropriately and has squeezed me in for same day/next day appointments even though her schedule is always booked. If you are looking for caring and truly skilled TCM practitioner I very much recommend Dr. Vivian!

Rachel H.

Dr. Shou is literally an angel on earth

Dr. Shou is literally an angel on earth. I have been seeing her for years now throughout different phases of my life and she has always been a saving grace. If you are pregnant, I highly recommend you to see her for assistance with your delivery. She treated me during both pregnancies and while both pregnancies were wildly different, both deliveries were amazing and I have no doubt it was due to her hands!

Ivette Rodriguez

Dr. Vivian is incredible at what she does

Dr. Vivian is incredible at what she does. I had chronic, debilitating pain from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and Dr. Vivian has almost completely eliminated my pain in just a few sessions. She is extremely compassionate, kind, and it is easy to tell she is invested in her patient’s wellbeing. I could not recommend her more!

Marcie O'Neill

Coming to Dr. Vivian has been the best decision of my life. In our very first consultation she explained to me everything in detail that I needed to know, She started doing my fertility treatment that same day. After a few months of treatment I can happily say I’m 4 months pregnant !!!! You’ll be surprised how much Dr. Vivian can help you make your dreams come true. She sure is a very knowledgeable Doctor and has great bed side manner. Thank you so much Dr. Vivian for all your professionalism and your hard work in making my dreams of a mother become true.

Julie M.

We are beyond satisfied and thankful to have found Dr.Vivian. Her highly knowledgeable care and treatment was so effective. Dr.Vivian showed true compassion and worked with us very closely to reach a positive resolution.

Debbie B.

Before deciding to do acupuncture as a method to treatment endometriosis pain, I was not a believer until I had two sessions with Dr. Vivian. I noticed immediately my intake of pain medication reduced significantly. Dr.Vivian is thoughtful, thorough and accommodating when in need of an unexpected session. She’s precise in delivery relief to specific pain areas. I highly recommend Dr. Vivian to all in need of an alternative medicine for pain management and other types of health issues.

Yussi M.

I went to Dr. Vivian after not ovulating or having a period for over 18 months. Within 2 months of seeing her I ovulated (after failing to ovulate on clomid and metformin); 4 months after starting with her (and third time ovulating), I got pregnant! Now I am 6 months carrying a healthy baby girl. I am 100% sure that without Dr. Vivian I would not have the biggest blessing on the way. Thank you, Dr. Vivian!!

Elizabeth G.

I had never done acupuncture before in my life, and I was always skeptical about it. But, Dr. Vivian is truly fantastic, and her treatments really work. I originally came to her over a year ago when my wife and I were struggling to get pregnant for nearly two years. Magically, we got pregnant within a month of starting treatments with Dr. Vivian. While we know there was likely some luck involved in that, we also feel that Dr. Vivian surely helped it happen with her combination of herbs and well timed acupuncture treatments targeted at creating the best conditions for pregnancy in both of us.

After my wife got pregnant, I noted how good I was feeling after the treatments, and I have continued to see Dr. Vivian ever since. She has an excellent bedside manner, and really listens and cares about what is ailing you. As far as her placement of the needles, you just know when she is doing it that she knows what she is doing. I always leave Dr. Vivian’s office feeling different, and usually much calmer and sometimes even slightly euphoric. It’s difficult to explain, but very real. But, I think it takes someone as skilled as Dr. Vivian to really get this level of benefit. As you can see, I would highly recommend her!

Chad M.

Dr. Vivian is amazing. I started going to her due to migraines and to get a little bit of help as we were trying to conceive. Dr. Vivian is extremely patient and kind, and really takes the time to see you and treat you as a whole person, and not just the sum of your ailments. It’s been a little bit over a year since I started treatments and I’m happy to say we are now the proud parents of a perfect 3-month old! And the migraines are almost gone, too! I’m still a regular at Dr. Vivian’s…it’s my weekly treat!

Andrea S.

I want to thank Dr.Vivian from the bottom of my heart! She made me getting pregnant possible. After 3 years of trying, fertility treatments and a lot of frustration. I am now 7 weeks pregnant. I believe it is due to Dr. Vivian’s knowledge of the female body, knowing what to do at what point in my cycle! She truly listens to all your concerns. I was able to open up to her fully and within 2 cycles I got pregnant naturally. We are beyond excited and forever thankful to her. I recommend her 100%

Olivia N.

Before deciding to do acupuncture as a method to treatment endometriosis pain, I was not a believer until I had two sessions with Dr. Vivian. I noticed immediately my intake of pain medication reduced significantly. Dr.Vivian is thoughtful, thorough and accommodating when in need of an unexpected session. She’s precise in delivery relief to specific pain areas. I highly recommend Dr. Vivian to all in need of an alternative medicine for pain management and other types of health issues.

Yussi M.

After going thru various ivf cycles, this last time around I decided to do acupuncture, and it did work. I had my healthy beautiful baby boy, I couldn’t be more grateful to have met Dr.Vivian and had her play a huge part on my ivf cycle. I truly recommend Dr. Vivian! Again, thank you Dr.Vivian for helping me make this happen!

Maria A.

Dr. Vivian treated both me and my husband. Our experience with her was nothing short of magical. We came to her after a few people recommended her for assistance with fertility. She started our sessions by learning everything about our health and daily activities and treated us, individually and as a couple, in ways we did not expect. She made recommendations for food and drink, temperature and footwear, and she also treated us with herbs, acupuncture and a Moxa stick. We felt very safe in her care and were able to trust the process quickly and easily.
Between health issues with my husband and myself, we had not been able to become pregnant over 2 years of trying. After about a month of working with Dr. Vivian and implementing her recommendations, we became pregnant and are incredibly grateful to her for that. I certainly recommend her for fertility issues, but I really believe in her process and would recommend her to anyone with recurring issues with anything.

Kate L.

I am a family physician and have practiced in South Miami for 30 years. I have been treated by Vivian for the past 2 years. I first sought help to achieve a better mind-body balance and to lessen free-floating feelings of stress and consciously replace them with feelings of gratitude for my bountiful life. I felt there was a connection missing and I thought acupuncture could be of benefit. Under Vivian’s calm and steadfast direction I have made remarkable progress in achieving a better balance and in relieving some of the accompanying symptoms I had been experiencing. I recommend acupuncture as a complement to traditional western care as there is much to be gleaned. Once you honestly reckon with your condition and state of being, acupuncture can be a full-body method of effecting a positive change of direction and focus.

Dr. Karen Raben

Dr. Vivian is indeed a miracle worker! I have done acupuncture before, mainly for my anxiety due to the assumption that this type of approach can only help de-stress me, but oh was I so wrong.
I have a lengthy history with gastric issues and due to some harsh treatments was left with the aftermath of the wreckage such as nausea, bloating, constipation, vertigo, and the list can go on. I’ve gone to Dr. Vivian numerous times in tremendous stomach discomfort, fully distended bloating with a bad case of the spins and leave after a session feeling renewed. I’m a huge advocate for holistic medicines/treatments and have to commend Dr.Vivian for her patience every session to diagnose the problem at hand and take the time to tailor the best acupuncture treatment for me as she does for every patient.
I’ve recommended her to everybody in my family, from my cousin who now goes regularly to acupuncture for his sports injuries, my mother who goes to acupuncture for menopause relief, my aunt who has found pain relief from acupuncture post breast cancer, to my grandmother, who had partial facial paralysis due to a poor combination of her daily prescription medications. After 2-3 electro-acupuncture sessions my grandmother’s face regained elasticity and proper muscle function despite being told by her physician that she would only gain those benefits after 6 months of facial physical therapy.

The key to Dr.Vivian’s success is that she truly takes the time to listen. Each session feels like a mini health evaluation… body, mind, and soul. Her acupuncture treatments are seamless,without feeling a prick, but once she’s done its amazing the results you’ll feel especially if done properly as a process rather than a one time visit. Simply put, she’s amazing!

Samantha P.

Not only is Dr. Vivian Litman incredibly skilled, she is extremely comforting and has the kindest heart. I began visiting Dr. Litman last year after struggling with an unexplained irregular cycle. Six months later my cycle was back on track, and two months after that my husband and I conceived! I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and baby and I still love our visits to Dr. Litman. She is absolutely wonderful!

Magen C.

A good friend of mine recommended me to Dr. Litman prior to starting my 2nd round of IVF. Following my 2nd round of IVF and having Acupuncture with Dr. Litman, I now have a 5 month old healthy baby boy. I strongly believe the acupuncture helped prepare and calm my body to conceive and Dr. Litman was so knowledgeable about fertility, sweet and positive when treating me. I also went to see her post baby for some back pain which she also helped me with. Thank you, Dr. Litman!

Natasha S Miami

A good friend of mine recommended me to Dr. Litman prior to starting my 2nd round of IVF. Following my 2nd round of IVF and having Acupuncture with Dr. Litman, I now have a 5 month old healthy baby boy. I strongly believe the acupuncture helped prepare and calm my body to conceive and Dr. Litman was so knowledgeable about fertility, sweet and positive when treating me. I also went to see her post baby for some back pain which she also helped me with. Thank you, Dr. Litman!

Ashley T. Therapist Miami

I cannot thank Dr. Litman enough for helping us conceive our first child with Acupuncture Fertility Treatments. At the age of 35 and after having been diagnosed with endometriosis, I came to see Dr. Litman as a last resort before having to consider Western fertility medicine. I had thoroughly read how Acupuncture treatment had been used successfully to treat infertility and was eager to start treatment with Dr. Litman. Her caring, gentle, and understanding disposition reassured me that I had found the right Doctor to help me on this journey. She is truly amazing with her healing hands.
After 6 months of continuous Fertility Acupuncture treatments, we conceived our first child. We couldn’t be more grateful to Dr.Litman for giving us the best gift of all… The gift of life. I continue to consult with Dr. LItman for any ailment that is troubling me at the moment.

Jessica C Accountant Miami

I rarely write reviews; this might be my second review I ever write for someone. If you are interested in acupuncture, you should meet Vivian. I treated with her for fertility; she is specialized in increasing ovarian reserves. I am 7 months pregnant now and really enjoyed treating with Vivian. She has a very calming presence and knows what she’s doing. Go meet her yourself!

Erika H. Attorney, Miami

Vivian can best be described as a healer. She doesn’t claim to perform miracles…no human can…but she will help restore your soul. We met one July afternoon in her office where I spent most of my first session crying. I went on to receive acupuncture treatments from Vivian for over five years in conjunction with Western fertility treatments. Our relationship went beyond treating the physical issues I faced trying to become pregnant. She became a friend. I believe she brought me as much emotional healing as she did physical. Acupuncture works. When my three children are old enough to understand the miracle of life, they will know about Vivian. Because she was with me every step of my journey. And I’m forever grateful.

Lauren Gutierrez, Mom of three, Miami

For the last ten years I have met and been treated by several acupuncturists, all lovely people with an honest desire to improve their clients’ well being. Even among those Vivian is special. Tremendously gentle, Vivian has a deeply intuitive awareness of your issues, both physical and emotional, and she strives to make her treatments a resource in every way. She is focused on finding long term problems, and is well versed in nutrition and traditional Chinese medicine. I recommend her for a new way to address healthy living.

Susana M

About 5 years ago, a friend recommended Dr. Litman to me. I wanted to treat a variety of issues, pain, sugar cravings, women’s matters, improve my mood/energy. I can honestly say that everything Dr. Litman said would happen, did, as she said it would, as well as when she said it would. I also used teas (provided to me by Dr. Litman and other supplements I bought at Whole Foods as suggested) and herbal pills. I couldn’t have been more impressed, reassured and pleased. The effects of the treatment I received almost 5 years ago have been long lasting. The most surprising one being that I no longer crave sugary foods or candy. I used to eat at least a piece of candy a day, as well as some type of junk food. I am now back in treatment with Dr. Litman for fertility assistance and things are going well. Dr. Litman is extremely caring and patient. She really gives you all of her attention always, I never feel rushed by her. There are times I walk into Dr. Litman’s office after a stressful day and I’m always calmed by her demeanor. I trust in Dr. Litman’s expertise, knowledge and guidance.

Hazel L. Therapist, Miami

I’ve been to a variety of acupuncturists, but I have never been in the hands of one so knowledgeable and skillful as Vivian. She is a true healer, brilliant and wise and wonderful. I travel from my home in Los Angeles to see her in Miami whenever possible. She is a kind and soothing presence, and heals heart and mind as well as body.
I cannot say enough about her; I have total trust in her skill and her advice.

I have gotten results from her I haven’t seen anywhere. She’s treated me for broken bones, a severe soft-tissue knee injury that refused to heal, and long-term chronic conditions. Furthermore, she’s been critical in helping me establish an understanding of healthy eating to support her fantastic work

Reproductive health is her specialty and she has been fantastically helpful in dealing with PCOS, and should I need help with conception, I will be on a plane to Miami to see her. She is well worth it. I was astonished at how incredibly effective she was with other issues as well; she is tremendously knowledgeable and talented.
I realize a great many people turn to acupuncture when Western medicine has failed them, but my advice is DON’T WAIT. It’s amazing how quietly powerful and effective a healer she is.

Catherine H. Los Angeles

When I first went to Vivian, I was not a believer of acupuncture. However, due to a small intervention at another location, I was intrigued enough to try. My primary concern was sleeplessness and weight loss. When I visited Vivian, I was extremely skeptical but was desperate enough to at least attempt to open my mind. I was not prepared for the results I received!!! I thought that maybe if, in a few sessions, I did not receive some sort of relief, I would quit.

I was pleasantly surprised to have results after the first treatment!!! I actually started feeling hungry (Vivian helped my metabolism begin to work again) the day following my treatment. And, I was able to sleep that night as well!
Thanks to Vivian, I feel energized, am sleeping and resting, and am actually losing weight as my metabolism “kicked in”.

This is great as these were my initial goals. However, as I started to share with Vivian some of my other ailments, she began to address each one quickly. One of those ailments was that I suffered from acid reflux and lived on antacids. Well, since Vivian treated me for that, I have no need for antacids!
I am a true believer and have referred my family and friends to Vivian. As I speak to others who go to acupuncture, they tell me that I am lucky to have found such a special healer. I am told that not all acupuncturists are able to bring the results I am seeing and that I am truly blessed to have found someone with such a special touch of healing. I believe them as I cannot adequately describe the specialness I feel from Vivian. I am truly blessed to have found my healer.

Maria Drew., Executive Vice President, Florida/Caribbean Region

I became interested in options to traditional medicine when I realized I was on more meds and felt terrible instead of better. At that time, I decided to pursue other solutions to my conditions which were high anxiety, stress induced panic disorders, High Blood Pressure, Gastrointestinal disturbances….just to name a few. I selected Vivian Shou Litman due to her Chinese heritage and qualifications. I felt she would have a greater knowledge of Acupuncture and a better understanding.

After the first session I felt noticeably better with a major reduction in symptoms. I did around 6 visits (1 per week) and felt great and symptom free. Her husband is a brilliant doctor with an incredible knowledge of herbal and vitamin supplements. With his help and the acupuncture treatments, I was able to eliminate all my meds and I felt fantastic. That was two years ago.

Today, I’m now doing 1-2 sessions per month to maintain the benefits. Interesting fact, I’m now exposed to twice the Career stress and responsibilities than before and I feel great. I’m not sure how to thank them….. they are incredible practitioners and great people too. Listen to their suggestions and knowledge-apply the information into your fast paced lifestyle – then witness a significant quality of life improvement, both physically and mentally.
I highly recommend Vivian and I have to my wife, sister and whoever else needs help…. truly amazing results.

Pete Azor, Miami, FL, Sales Manager

After several years of trial, thousands of dollars spent on tests, treatments and consultations in 2 well renowned fertility clinics we were told that conception was impossible for us and that we needed to find a sperm donor.
I started my first acupuncture treatment at Dr. Yi Bin Shou-Litman during my first and only IVF cycle. I had read on several articles how effective acupuncture was for IVF and other fertility treatments. Although skeptical I went to my first treatment and that same day I experienced changes.

That night I was able to sleep and the fluid retention from the hormone treatments improved significantly. Although the IVF treatment was unsuccessful I continued acupuncture and my husband also started the treatments. He has been a diabetes patient for more than 10 years and suffers from retrograde ejaculation.
Today, I am 8 weeks pregnant.

With the combination of Acupuncture treatments to both of us for 6 months 1 hour every week, very mild treatments of Western medicine, and a natural diet of organic food, vegetables and fruits we were able to accomplish pregnancy with IUI. My husband last sperm count was 70 Millions with 60% motility versus the initial numbers of 45 or no sperms and sometimes 0 to 3% motility.
During the six month of acupuncture treatment Dr. Yi Bin Shou-Litman treated me for detoxification from the hormones taken during my IVF. She also treated my husband’s diabetes which is almost under control.

Vivian D., Miami, Computer Engineer

I began acupuncture treatment with Dr. Shou following two unexplained early miscarriages. My OB doctor suspected a hormone imbalance and suggested that I take progesterone supplements once I became pregnant again. After 3 months of acupuncture treatment and herbal supplements to increase natural progesterone production and diet changes, I became pregnant again. At four weeks, my doctor tested my hormone levels and found that everything was normal and I would not need progesterone supplements.

At five weeks, an ultrasound detected a yolk and gestational sak. At six weeks, an ultrasound detected a heartbeat! For many women these milestones go unnoticed, but for women who are struggling with infertility, the detection of a heartbeat is a huge hurdle to jump. I continued weekly acupuncture sessions throughout my first trimester and found that my early pregnancy complaints are minimal. Acupuncture was able to relieve morning sickness and boosted my energy level. During the second trimester acupuncture helped me to relieve stress and anxiety and strengthened my pregnancy.

I am now almost 35 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy. I feel a sense of calm and confidence that I did not know was possible following two miscarriages. I truly believe that Dr. Shou’s acupuncture treatments combined with herbal supplements were a huge factor in the success of this pregnancy. Any woman who is struggling with infertility should consider acupuncture and other forms of complementary alternative medicine.

Cassandra K., South Miami , Attorney

I was introduced by a coworker to this world of Oriental Medicine, one day we were both talking at work and as I was listening to her conversation about Acupuncture it brought my interest in it. While driving home I started asking myself if Acupuncture will help me with my problem. Back in 2004 I was diagnosed with a gynecological disorder and for treatment birth controls pills were given. I could only take them for three days because of the side effects and how my body was reacting to it.

On the other hand I was feeling overwhelmed, depressed, I felt that I did not have control over my personal life. I worked in the medical field and as every person that is reading this article knows “STRESS” related to anything in general is the leading cause of health problems today. I personally was lacking of energy, mistreating my body, not focusing on my goals, and I was not doing it on purpose. I scheduled my first appointment with Miami acupuncture clinic Dr. Vivian Shou-Litman, the most gentle and peaceful person I have ever met in my life.

That day I only told her about my physical problems but not about my emotional problems and what was amazing to me was the fact that she could feel it. I’ve been doing treatments since February and I consider myself a proof of how much acupuncture can help you. Today my medical issue is resolved and as Vivian and I were talking on my last appointment I had noticed changes in my life. I feel different, and I am acting differently towards myself and all of this became possible because of the gift that she shares with us, the greatest gift that I definitely recommend to every human being that I get in contact with: Acupuncture. It will change your life.

Meibol M., LPN , South Dade

I am a 37 year old female who benefited from acupuncture during IVF. I used acupuncture to improve my overall circulation and blood flow to my uterus. My diagnosis for infertility was male factor, but I still used acupuncture to improve my overall well being, to give me the best chance at conceiving and carrying a baby full term. I started 4 weeks before conception, and once pregnant I continued with acupuncture with Miami Acupuncture Physician Vivian Shou-Litman for the first two trimesters. You can’t always know why one pregnancy makes it and another doesn’t. But I believe that my acupuncture treatments as well as burning a Moxa stick (herb) over my uterus helped me conceive and carry my miracle to term.

Alex B., Aventura, Teacher

My experience with Doctors is they identify symptoms then apply a reimbursable solution without examining alternatives. Having been referred to Dr. Vivian Litman, I explained what I thought she wanted to hear, symptoms .. and was surprised to be asked simple but powerful questions about my health and life. Vivian has her own sense of my health and what it could be .. she shares her thoughts with great insight and gentleness. She uses her knowledge and her science to stimulate my body to heal and protect itself. Her care and methods are so special and so different than what I have been used to for 50 years … I choose to believe she is magic.

Richard H., Miami Beach, President of The Mapping Alliance

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