The key principle in Chinese Medicine is to achieve Balance.  For over three thousand years, Chinese Medicine has employed this strategic treatment principle to promote health and longevity.  It is the ultimate goal of Yin Yang, Qi and Blood balance that guides the practitioners of Chinese Medicine to provide each patient individualized treatment, whether is for migraines, sinus infection or infertility.

It is only when body and mind is balanced, the Righteous Qi can be strong, and the immune system can be at its best.  In this time of a global pandemic, while acupuncture becomes less accessible for many due to social distancing, the value of Chinese herbal medicine cannot be underestimated for prevention and recovery from this widespread viral disease.    

It is not necessary for everyone to take Chinese herbs for prevention of Covid 19.  Again, the key word is Balance.  However, if you are very stressed, have chronical health conditions, have a weak immune system, or susceptible to certain conditions, it is highly recommended that you consult with a licensed TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) herbalist for appropriate herbal preventative strategy. If you are a healthcare worker or a frontline responder, it is also advisable to take TCM immune boost herbs during this pandemic.

Chinese Medicine interprets constitutional weakness and energetic imbalances in patterns of Qi deficiency, Blood deficiency, Yin deficiency and Yang deficiency, as well as dampness, excess heat, excess cold, damp heat, qi stagnation and blood stasis.  Most individuals present complex conditions with combined patterns.  Chinese herbal medicine is known to treat complex patterns with precision, safety and adaptability.

In the COVID 19 recovery period, the residual impact from the virus infection may last for a long time even after the tests have turned negative 2 or 3 times, especially for patients who developed pulmonary fibrosis, hospitalized and treated with a ventilator or ECMO.  Although long time healing process is expected, Chinese Herbal Medicine can help speed up the healing process and ease the symptoms, such as shortness of breath,  GI symptoms, damage to the kidneys, liver, and heart due to the virus and side effects of the treatment.