Turning over a new leaf from one year to the next is supposed to be a cathartic experience. We make plans to better ourselves, to better our minds and our bodies. But what we often end up doing instead is overloading ourselves with new anxieties. While up to 70% of adults report feeling anxious on any given day, finding healthy ways to reduce stress is not a priority for many. But it should be.

I’ve helped many women and men overcome their anxiety and stress over the course of my career. Here are some of the strategies I tell my patients to use when they are stressed.


Much of the stress that we feel is pent up energy. We sit at our desks all day or drive our long commutes to and from work and worry about all that we have to do. There’s nowhere for those energetic feelings to go except into our muscles. We tense our necks and ball our hands up into fists until our knuckles are white. A simple solution to prevent this is to exercise regularly.


The process behind acupuncture seeks to restore balance to the body. The meridians, or energy pathways that run through the body, can sometimes become unstable. One of the ways that this instability can manifest is as stress. Our muscles get tight and our blood pressure rises because of internal and external stimuli. Acupuncture is a convenient, effective remedy that you can complete in as little as an hour.

Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs come with many different names, combinations, and effects. An acupuncturist who also specializes in herbs can create a combination of acupuncture and complementary herbs to not only treat your current stress levels, but also prevent future episodes.


Much of our stress comes from our thought patterns. We obsess over the tiniest detail, which, while a good quality to have in some professional and personal settings, can lead to anxiety. Meditation is a conscious way to let our thoughts drift away from the challenges we face. Many times, taking your mind off of a problem will give you a new perspective on how to solve it.

Want more healthy ways to reduce stress?

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