Our Approach

Our approach to your health is deeply rooted in the digestive system.This forms the foundation of what we seek to address in our patients. Without fixing digestive issues, none of the other treatments will work properly. Thus, digestion is where we begin.

We are, quite literally, what we eat. The foods that we put into our bodies are broken down into macromolecules (amino acids, sugars, and lipids). The results that we see from the foods that we eat largely depend on the types of foods that we eat. Eating a lot of processed foods and sugars will lead to toxicity within the body, free radicals, and adverse hormonal responses (including the dreaded insulin spikes we hear so much about in the media and on television).

In the traditional Chinese view of medicine, the gut is the core of social relations and health. In the context of that view, over-industrialization and processing in the patterns of consumption have a negative effect on the traditional way that humans were meant to eat. Good digestion has a profound effect on the feelings that a person has both inside and toward other people.Bad digestion (indigestion) leads to negative feelings of unhappiness, perpetual hunger, and a slew of adverse physical reactions.

By repairing the digestive process, we begin the process of healing in the body. Undoing indigestion also assists with the release of both food accumulation in the gut and Qi stagnation. With the application of Chinese herbs and acupuncture treatments, the digestive system can see a significant increase inefficiency, resilience, and overall vitality which will spread to the entire body.