Telehealth Appointments

Telehealth Appointment

Access Chinese Medicine through Telehealth during Pandemic

Why Telehealth?

Telehealth is widely utilized by the healthcare professionals during COVID 19 Pandemic. The telehealth technology helps doctors continue to provide patient care and medical services while helping to limit community spread of the virus. It keeps vulnerable populations and those with mild symptoms in their homes while maintaining access to the care they need.

Dr. Vivian at Longevity Acupuncture encourages new and existing patients to utilize our specialized Chinese Medicine via telehealth. At this time of uncertainly, we hope you do not wait and put your health needs on hold, rather you should try to access our safe, attentive and effective telehealth to help you ride out the storm. It is important especially for fertility patients to understand time is the essence, improvement from diet and lifestyle takes time, so start the process now, do not wait.

What happens during a telehealth consultation with Dr. Vivian?

During a phone or Zoom video consultation, Dr. Vivian will go over with you detailed health history and medical assessment. She will give TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) face and tongue diagnosis,

explain the effects of natural elements, emotion, diet, lifestyle and nutrition on your particular condition. Through syndrome differentiation and pattern diagnosis, a comprehensive treatment plan is made to address your individual imbalance. Dr. Vivian will also answer your questions, prescribe herbal formulas and nutritional supplements, demonstrate home treatment techniques, including acupressure, moxibustion and ear seeds when applicable. ( See below for fees )

I am very stressed. Does acupressure work for stress relief?

Acupressure works wonders for anxiety and stress relief. In a telehealth video session for emotional healing, Dr. Vivian will teach you deep breathing and acupressure techniques on a specific group of acupressure points for your emotional complaints, whether is anxiety, addiction, grief or PTSD. You will be guided and learn self-care routine to practice at home.

Is Chinese Herbal Medicine as effective as acupuncture?

Chinese Herbal Medicine is the essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a history of 3000 years. Similar to acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine continues to thrive all over the world as the oldest and most comprehensive medical system. It can be used to treat many chronic conditions and complex syndrome. The key to clinical efficacy is accuracy of diagnosis. While the effect of acupuncture is almost immediate, the effect of herbal medicine is more long lasting and profound.

During the current Pandemic, Chinese Medicine can play an active role both in prevention and recovery from the virus infection. Please be sure to contact Dr. Vivian if you need help in regards to this.

For fertility patients, both male and female, herbs and supplements are important to be taken consistently over a long period of time to yield the best results. You may purchase recommended supplements here based on the consultation.

How do I receive these remote treatments?

After the initial telehealth consultation, you will receive an email including detailed instructions on the home treatment plan, and links to purchase supplements and ear seeds if applicable. Your herbal prescription will be shipped directly to your home from our professional herbal pharmacy.

How do I make payment?

We accept online payment through Zelle, Venmo or Cashapp. Payment is due upon service and before herbs and other products can be shipped.

How do I schedule my telehealth consultation with Dr. Vivian?

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Our Telehealth services are not a substitute to medical diagnosis, treatment or management of COVID-19. Please call your doctor or Miami-Dade County Health Department if you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 and developed symptoms related to COVID-19.

Telehealth Fee Schedule

Initial Consult 60 minutes Follow up 20 minutes Follow up package (8)
Fertility /IVF Prep $100 $30 $220
Breech baby $75 $30
Postpartum/Lactation $75 $30

*Follow up visits: evaluate progress, refill herbs and modify treatment when necessary. Package is strongly recommended for fertility patients.

Initial consult 45 minutes Follow up 20 minutes Follow up package (4)
Stress/Anxiety $75 $25 $90
Weightloss $75 $25 $90
Covid Prevention & Recovery $75 $25 $90

*Follow up visits: evaluate progress, refill herbs and modify treatment when necessary.

Acupressure video session for emotional healing 50 minutes $85

  • Emotional healing session
  • Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia
  • Addiction