Anyone who has tried to get pregnant has probably heard similar advice: “Relax! It will happen when it’s supposed to happen.” And anyone who has heard this advice has probably also felt their anxiety and stress flair after hearing it. While your reaction isn’t wrong, female infertility does sometimes stem from high levels of stress and anxiety.

Stress Affects Ovulation

For many women, stress scrambles the signal their body sends to their hypothalamus, which is in charge of regulating monthly ovulation. When this happens, ovulation becomes erratic, making any efforts to find the right time to try to conceive difficult. Think of ovulation as a target and sex as an arrow—it’s easier to hit a bullseye when the target is standing still. If the target is swinging back and forth, you might as well close your eyes and pray that you release the bowstring at the right moment!

How to Counter Stress-Induced Female Infertility

The good news about stress is that there are ways you can fight it. Anything that puts you in a relaxed mood is good for increasing the chances of conceiving. Here are some that we’ve found work for our patients.

Try Some Exercises

Stress is nothing more than pent-up energy. How do you get rid of extra energy? Exercise! Activities that focus on rhythmic breathing, like running, swimming, and other aerobic exercises, are great for finding your center and combating female infertility. Even better are exercises that force you to focus on your breathing without overtaxing your body—think yoga, tai chi, or qigong.

Have More Sex

Trying to conceive can make sex feel routine. The good news? Sex doesn’t have to revolve around procreation. Have more sex when you’re not ovulating to reconnect with your partner and to take away the pressure of trying to have a baby.

See a Professional

Sometimes stress can go deeper than what you can handle on your own. If you feel like you can’t get your stress under control by yourself, talk to a professional like an acupuncturist to find out how to reduce your stress. Acupuncture is a soothing, whole body experience that works to restore balance to your body’s Qi so you can say goodbye to female infertility.

Does it feel like your stress is affecting your fertility? If you’re trying to get pregnant and want a safe way to reduce your stress, call us today. We offer an introductory consultation with the Acupuncture Physician to customize your treatment plan.  Call 305-772-4386.