When you’re ready to get pregnant, waiting even a moment before conceiving can feel like an eternity. The truth, however, is that the natural fertility process can be fickle and take months or even years. The good news is that there are some things you can do to speed up the process a bit.

Here are a few tips that can help make that happen.

Get to Know Your Cycle

Do you understand how your menstrual cycle works? Knowing the signs of ovulation can help you determine the best times to try to conceive. These signs include:

  • A slight rise in basal body temperature
  • Clearer or thinner cervical mucus
  • Tender breasts
  • Slight pain or cramping on one side
  • Bloating
  • Light spotting

If you notice that you have serval of these signs, you are probably ovulating. For a more reliable way to tell, consider purchasing home ovulation testing kit.

Take It Easy

If you’re stressed, you might experience some fluctuations in the timing of your ovulation cycle. When you’re trying to boost your natural fertility and get pregnant, you really want to be certain when you are ovulating.

Do whatever you need to do to de-stress (as long as it’s healthy)—meditate, read a book, take a walk. Seeing a professional can help, too. Booking an acupuncture session or two can go a long way to help lower your stress levels.

Practice Healthy Habits

Regular exercise that is not too strenuous, eating right, quitting unhealthy habits—practicing healthy habits now can give your body the strength it needs for natural fertility. If you’re a smoker, quit now—you’ll have to when you’re pregnant anyway. If you enjoy drinking, cut back as much as you can.

You should practice healthy, regular sex as well if you want to conceive faster. It’s ideal to have intercourse while you’re ovulating, but that doesn’t mean you should only have sex during that time. When you have sex regularly, you increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

Ready for natural fertility with acupuncture?

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