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How Acupuncture Can Relieve Stress, Reduce Migraines, and Restore Your Work-Life Balance

Being a woman has never been an easy prospect. Today, as more women juggle a career and a home life that may include children, a partner, or both, that prospect has not gotten any simpler. To put it bluntly, this new way of life can be a recipe for stress and stress-induced conditions such as migraines without the proper coping mechanisms and treatments.

Many of my clients find a path to balancing their many roles through acupuncture. For instance, one of my long-time clients—a family physician herself—first contacted me when she could no longer find the connection between her body and mind. There was something missing, something that kept her from displaying gratitude for what she had in life. Work and home were a major stress factor for her.

Once we started her sessions, the relief I could see in her face was almost instantaneous. When she left us that first day, she was a completely different woman, and with each visit, her stress and disconnected state melted away a little more.

Here’s how I was able to help my physician client with acupuncture:

Acupuncture and Stress

Acupuncture seeks to restore balance to the body. By inserting needles to stimulate special points on the body along the meridians, or energy pathways, acupuncture jumpstarts the body’s natural healing and regulatory abilities, both of which can become interrupted from time to time.

Our emotions make up part of those regulatory abilities. Stress is the buildup of tension in the body and mind, which can manifest as anxiety. When an acupuncturist treats someone for stress, they target the parts of the body that are holding onto that stress. As the physical symptoms fade after treatment, so do the mental and emotional.

Stress and Migraines

Among other things, the use of acupuncture for stress relief is great for people who suffer from migraines and chronic headaches. As anyone who experiences these abnormally severe headaches can tell you, stress can be a trigger for migraines. Without enough preventive treatment or stress management, migraines can become a serious problem.

Because acupuncture does not have any side effects, it is an ideal treatment for migraine sufferers, who normally have to abide by a strict and often wide-ranging pharmacopeia. With acupuncture, they no longer have to remember to take the multitude of pills that they formerly had to administer.

Work-life balance is a difficult feat to achieve as a woman. With stress and stress-induced migraines, it becomes nearly impossible. Acupuncture offers an effective alternative to the slow-acting and side-effect inducing medications and therapies that are available. If you want to take back your life from stress and migraines and finally achieve work-life balance, call Dr. Litman at Longevity Acupuncture.