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Acupuncture Helps Menopause Weight Loss

I’ve treated many women for menopause weight gain. Menopause weight loss is an especially stressful thing to have on your mind during the summer months when everybody is at the beach wearing their bikinis. Everyone except, of course, you. You’re too busy having hot flashes and trying not to cry.

One of my clients—she’s been coming to me for years for various symptoms—asked me awhile back how acupuncture works for menopause weight loss and other symptoms. She had just started experiencing menopause symptoms. She seemed eager to fight back or, at least, to be prepared.

Here’s what I told her about menopause weight loss:

Causes of Weight Gain during Menopause

First, I told her that we have to understand why we gain weight during menopause. Menopause is a time of transition for our bodies. It can drastically change how our various systems communicate with each other. Many things affect weight gain. Our estrogen levels. The foods we eat. The stress we feel.

In fact, these two factors—eating and coping with stress—often go hand in hand. Just think of the last time you had a stress-eating episode. Our body chemistry has to readjust to a post-menstrual existence. Weight fluctuation is not far behind.

How Acupuncture Helps Menopause Weight Loss

Next, I told her what acupuncture can do to help. Though a completely natural time of transition, menopause is also a time of imbalance. Here’s the reason acupuncture is so effective: it treats the imbalance head on. The process is simple. Your acupuncturist inserts needles into specific points along the meridians of the body. Doing so unlocks your Qi or vital energy. Your acupuncturist helps your body regain balance in a few different ways.

Acupuncture changes the way that you consume and process food. For example, by activating certain meridians, you can enjoy fewer cravings or a less intense appetite. Stimulating other points will speed up your body’s metabolism. This leads to more calories burned throughout the day. Stimulating other points can help to regulate your out-of-whack hormones.

While you can count on acupuncture to help you avoid menopausal weight gain, remember one thing. Results are not instantaneous. On average, you should expect to see results after completing about ten sessions. Once you see the results, however, you’ll be glad you stuck with it.

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